This iPhone Case Will Brew You a Cup of Espresso

Mokase / Mokase

Today's smartphones can do just about anything, whether it’s transforming into household object for the visually impaired or testing fertility. But your iPhone can’t help you out with one of the most important of morning rituals: making coffee. But a new phone case supposedly can, according to designboom.

The Italian-made Mokase case allows you to pour a shot of espresso right out of your phone. The case (which does not appear to be a parody) comes with coffee filter inserts, which look like a cross between a K-cup and a Nintendo 64 cartridge. The filters, which are available in three different roasts, fit into the side of the case, and then all you have to do is open the app to start brewing.

A USB-rechargable battery heats up the 0.84 (25 mL) ounces of water inside, spitting out that teeny cup of coffee through a tube that runs up through the top of the phone case in just a few seconds. It also comes with a collapsible cup from which to drink your beverage. In a world of unicorn frappuccinos, this isn't the craziest coffee "innovation" on the table.


The contraption costs around $55 on Kickstarter, and is scheduled for delivery in September—if the project meets its goal; as of May 8, the Kickstarter has only raised $4200 of its $82,285 goal.

[h/t designboom]