A Guide to Where Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies Were Filmed Around the World

David McNew/Getty Images
David McNew/Getty Images / David McNew/Getty Images

Sure, you could use your vacation as an escape from the Netflix black hole you’ve fallen into at home, but you don’t have to swear off TV for art museums while you’re exploring a new city: Just pay your respects to all the locations that have hosted your favorite shows. Orbitz put together a handy interactive infographic to help you plan the best entertainment-themed vacation on earth.


For instance, you could take a Twin Peaks-focused trip to Washington just in time for the debut of the reboot on May 21. Orbitz recommends that you drive up to Snoqualmie, just outside of Seattle, to take a peek at the real Great Northern Hotel, the Salish Lodge & Spa, and then head to the Kiana Lodge, the resort where the hotel’s interiors were filmed. But most importantly, you’ll need to drive to North Bend to Twede’s, the diner that served as the set for Norma’s Double R Diner.


Orbitz’s world map lets you filter destinations by type of vacation (road trip, beach vacation, city exploration) and by the genre of the series or movie. The vacation guides include Game of Thrones (various European destinations), Sense8 (Mumbai), Back to the Future (Los Angeles), and more.

Check it out here.