Watch a Giant LEGO-Inspired Airplane Take Flight

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Kids who own LEGO’s classic Solo Trainer airplane set make it soar through the sky with a supporting hand and a creative mind. But as Nerdist reports, a grown-up hobbyist named Adam Woodworth wanted to find out whether the medium-sized blue and white airplane was capable of real-life flight.

Woodworth is an aerospace engineer and hardware designer at Google, but in his spare time, he builds remote-controlled planes. He decided to construct a giant version of the Solo Trainer using lightweight foam parts instead of the brittle plastic toys.

Despite its clunky, angled design, Woodworth’s remote-controlled Solo Trainer soared through the air with ease. ("It flies in spite of its aerodynamics," the builder comments in a YouTube clip.)

Watch the foam Solo Trainer fly, crash-land, and return to the skies after a rebuild by watching the two videos below.

[h/t Nerdist]