Here Are the Cheapest Travel Destinations for Beer Drinkers

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Some people travel to experience the food, museums, and architecture of a different culture. For others, checking out the local bar scene is the most important item on their agendas. If your vacation plans tend to revolve around beer and where to drink it, consider factoring the cost of a cold pint into your budget.

Using data gathered by Deutsche Bank, Business Insider reports the average price of a beer in 47 cities worldwide. The cheapest place to order a drink is Prague in the Czech Republic, where the typical beer sells for $1.30 a pint. Johannesburg, South Africa, offers the second cheapest beer at $1.70, and Lisbon, Portugal, comes in third with $2 brews. Cape Town, Manila, Warsaw, and Mexico City all boast average beer prices less than $3.

The most expensive beer in the cities surveyed can be found in Oslo, Norway. Buying a beer there will set you back $9.90. Singapore bars are only slightly less expensive with beers averaging $9 a pop. Hong Kong ranks next with prices of $7.70, followed by two U.S. cities—New York City and Boston—where beers sell for $7.40 and $7.20 on average, respectively. You can see the full list on Business Insider.

To compile the statistics, Deutsche Bank looked at bars in neighborhoods with high expat populations, so travelers may have better luck with bar prices if they follow the locals. After an affordable night at the pub, tourists can keep up their budget-friendly streak with one of the many travel apps designed to save them money. Here are a few suggestions.

[h/t Business Insider]