Get Free Avocado Toast for a Year … If You Buy This House

Ray White Sherwood
Ray White Sherwood / Ray White Sherwood

There are plenty of benefits that come with buying your own home, but rarely do they include complimentary breakfast. Still, a real estate company in Australia is trying to woo young professionals with townhouses that come with a year’s worth of avocado toast, according to Mashable.

The townhouses, located in a Brisbane suburb called Sherwood, are in a prime downtown location that’s surrounded by coffee shops. Where, in fact, you can enjoy avocado on toast. The listing even includes the above picture of toast, in case you need a visual. Sadly, the offer only extends to one piece of toast per weekend, it says:

Enjoy the local coffee trail and discover Gas Espresso, Three Girls Skipping, Annana's, Goodness Gracious—to name a few, and to help with the budget we are including 12 months free avocado on toast once a weekend at your favorite café.

Doesn't this living room scream "Eat a messy breakfast of green fruit here!" to you?

Ray White Sherwood

Avocado toast, a fantastic breakfast no matter where you live, is particularly popular in Australia. Last fall, a local magazine columnist made himself Brunch Enemy No. 1 by complaining that young people these days spend all their money on mashed avocado and feta on toast instead of saving for a deposit on a house. The BBC later calculated that it would take sacrificing more than 3800 avocado toasts (estimated at $22 in Australia, or about $16 in the U.S.) to save enough for a 10 percent down payment on a two-bedroom house in the Sydney area.

Apparently, real estate agency Ray White Sherwood wants to make sure young people can have their toast and eat it too. Sure, the townhouses cost almost $439,000, but think of the money you’ll save on brunch!

[h/t Mashable]