A 101-Year-Old Man in England Wants to Become the World's Oldest Skydiver

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Verdun Hayes has done and seen a lot in his 101 years. The energetic centenarian fought on the beaches of Normandy during World War II, has flown planes, survived a minor hot air balloon accident, and sustained a 76-year marriage. Now, The Telegraph reports that Hayes is gunning for a world record: On May 13, he’ll attempt to become the world’s oldest skydiver.

Hayes went skydiving for the first time in April 2016 to celebrate his 100th birthday. (His two great-grandsons jumped along with him.) The senior used the stunt to raise money for a local hospice, and said he hoped to do a second jump when he turned 101.

The feat last year made Hayes the UK’s oldest skydiver, but a Canadian man named Armand Gendreau still held the world record for oldest tandem male parachute. In 2017, Hayes wants to beat Armand’s record, while also raising money for the Royal British Legion charity.

“I will be 101 years and 37 days old and the record is currently held by a Canadian gentleman who was 101 years and 3 days when he jumped,” Hayes explained on his fundraising page. “I would like to bring the record back to Britain.”

[h/t The Telegraph]