Inside Showtime’s Twin Peaks-Themed Pop Up

Christopher Gregory
Christopher Gregory / Christopher Gregory

A renovated Polish banquet hall in Brooklyn was temporarily transformed into the Double R Diner on Tuesday evening for a pop-up celebration of the new season of Twin Peaks, premiering this Sunday, May 21, 2017—26 years after we last saw the denizens of the sleepy but very strange Pacific Northwest town.

Showtime teamed up with Flavorpill and immersive event experts BBQ Films for an evening both wonderful and strange. The first clue things were not what they seem was the “Have you seen this man?” posters featuring a police sketch of Killer BOB plastered near the subway exit. Inside the Brooklyn Bazaar, Twin Peaks obsessives (some in inspired plastic-wrapped costumes) were treated to damn fine coffee and cherry pie from the Double R, recreations of the Black Lodge and the Palmers’ living room, suggestive shimmying from the Pink Room Burlesque, karaoke booths, and a costume contest. Despite fierce competition from a devoted Log Lady and an uncanny Shelley-and-Leo combo, among others, a Deputy Tommy “Hawk” Hill (who in real life goes by Ralph Bishop) took home the costume contest's main prize. See photos from the event below, and keep an eye out for one-armed men about town. It is happening again.

Bess Lovejoy
Bess Lovejoy

All photos by Christopher Gregory except where noted.