15 Damn Fine Twin Peaks Products

Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad

With the revival of Twin Peaks, we can all go back to the small town where a yellow light still means slow down, not speed up. Here are some products to enjoy alongside the premiere of the new season of everyone's favorite cult drama.


As a companion to the third season, co-creator Mark Frost wrote a multimedia novel that covers the larger history and culture of Twin Peaks. The story is told through an FBI dossier, with a timeline that starts with journals of Lewis and Clark and ends with the beginning of season three. The book has illustrations, maps, and newspaper clippings to make it feel more convincing.

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We'll never get to try the damn good coffee and pie served at the Double R diner, but we can still imagine it. This jar of cherry pie filling from the Salish Lodge & Spa, which was used to film the exteriors of the Great Northern Hotel, will get you one step closer to the real deal.

Find it: Salish Lodge


Create your own mystery with these Funko action figures of Agent Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer, Bob, and the Log Lady. The 3-3/4-inch-tall figures are great for displaying in your rustic, wood-paneled home.

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Emma Munger reimagines the characters of Twin Peaks as sexy pin-up models. You can check out her whole series, which includes Dale Cooper, Audrey Horne, Annie Blackburn, and plenty of characters from other non-Twin Peaks '90s classics.

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Get the intriguing Native American petroglyph on a shirt and always know the right way to Glastonbury Grove.

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Don't drink that coffee! This enamel pin features a minor but memorable joke in the first episode of Twin Peaks .

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7. LOG PILLOW; $15

Cuddle up with your log without getting any splinters. This log pillow from Kikkerland is perfect for Log Lady costumes or just snuggling up on your couch.

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8. PERFUME; $88

You can't smell a television show, but it's easy to imagine what the world of Twin Peaks might smell like. This trio of scents, created by a perfumer who lives in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, uses scents of evergreen, cedar, and more mysterious ingredients in a line aptly called the “Wonderful & Strange Liquid Music Trio.”

Find it: Matriarch


The amazing soundtrack of Twin Peaks has been reissued for your enjoyment. It's pressed on 180-gram brown vinyl that's meant to look like coffee. The record comes with a lyric sheet and liner notes, all housed in a sleeve with artwork by Sam Smith.

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Get a necklace dedicated to the prequel movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. The piece of jewelry is shaped like one of the Best Friends necklaces in the movie (which also play a role in the show).

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Get the natural beauty of Washington State right on your wall with this tapestry. It comes in three sizes: 60, 80, or 104 inches long.

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Do your best Audrey Horne impression with these saddle shoes. Now all you need is a retro sweater and fierce eyebrows.

Find it: ModCloth

13. SWEATER; $90

Speaking of sweaters, this jumper from Feliz Navidad is just begging to enter your wardrobe. The sweater is knitted and sewn in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although pricey, the company offers a payment plan without interest.

Find it: Feliz Navidad

14. RECIPE BOOK; $18

The best way to enjoy the premiere of the third season is with the right food. This unofficial cookbook will help you make pie and other meals based off the show.

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15. KEY CHAIN; $9

Get a retro hotel keychain for the Great Northern Hotel, where Agent Cooper stayed and many of the show's pivotal scenes took place.

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10 Illuminating Facts About A Christmas Story's Leg Lamp

It's a Major Award!
It's a Major Award!
Tim Evanson, Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

When A Christmas Story was first released in 1983, it was a sleeper that attracted only a small (but quite cultish) following. Over the past three decades, however, the film has steadily become a holiday staple on par with classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) and Miracle on 34th Street (1947). And as the film itself has grown in popularity, so has one of its most recognizable props: the leg lamp, that glowing gam otherwise known as “A Major Award.”

1. The A Christmas Story leg lamp was inspired by an old-school soft drink.

Before A Christmas Story was a movie, it was a series of short stories that appeared in two different volumes by the late writer and radio personality Jean Shepherd. The books, In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash and Wanda Hickey’s Night of Golden Memories and Other Disasters, were fictionalized accounts of Shepherd’s childhood in Depression-era Indiana (though the movie was filmed mostly in Cleveland, Ohio). Shepherd describes the leg lamp and his father’s obsession with it in a 1966 story titled “My Old Man and the Lascivious Special Award that Heralded the Birth of Pop Art.”

According to A Christmas Story House and Museum (yep, there’s an entire museum dedicated to the subject), Shepherd imagined the leg lamp after seeing an illuminated Nehi Soda advertisement, which featured two shapely disembodied legs up to the knee. Shepherd gave cloaked credit to Nehi by writing that the Old Man’s crossword contest was sponsored by an “orange pop” company whose name “was a play on words, involving the lady’s knee.”

When the lamp finally arrives in Shepherd’s essay, he writes, “From ankle to thigh the translucent flesh radiated a vibrant, sensual, luminous orange-yellow-pinkish nimbus of Pagan fire. All it needed was tom-toms and maybe a gong or two. And a tenor singing in a high, quavery, earnest voice: ‘A pretty girl/Is like a melody…’”

2. The A Christmas Story leg lamp was immortalized by production designer Reuben Freed.

Uncertain of just what a leg lamp should look like, A Christmas Story’s production designer Reuben Freed created a quick sketch and showed it to Shepherd, who surprisingly approved it right away. “I immediately thought of something I had seen in my mother’s front room, which was sort of a gold-colored silk lampshade, pleated with fringe around it,” Freed told Cleveland magazine in 2009. “I thought of it immediately and never thought of anything else—just that classic, big ugly shape.”

3. The “original” A Christmas Story leg lamp no longer exists.

Finding an original leg lamp is considered the ultimate feat for A Christmas Story aficionados, Caseen Gaines wrote in A Christmas Story: Behind the Scenes of a Holiday Classic. But “the likelihood of finding one is about as great as locating Pee Wee Herman’s bicycle in the basement of the Alamo.” Freed produced three leg lamps for the movie, but none of them survived the production. All three were broken during filming.

4. There’s a simple reason for the typo on the box the A Christmas Story leg lamp is delivered in.

When the leg lamp arrives at Ralphie’s house in the movie, it’s in a crate labeled not only with the infamous “FRAGILE,” but also “HIS END UP.” Though the use of “his” in place of “this” might seem like a subtle joke, the crate was indeed originally labeled “THIS END UP,” but no one had bothered to measure the container before trying to wheel it through the door. Jim Moralevitz, an actor who played one of the leg-lamp delivery guys, told Cleveland’s News-Herald, “I had the pleasure of delivering the major award 30 years ago. Unfortunately, the crate was so wide that it wouldn’t fit through the door. So they called in the carpenters and they took four inches off.”

5. The A Christmas Story leg lamp is big in Cleveland.

Erik Drost, Flickr // CC BY 2.0

Because much of A Christmas Story was filmed in Cleveland, the city has embraced the movie as its own (possibly to the resentment of Shepherd’s native Indiana). In 2013, to celebrate the movie’s 30th anniversary, Terminal Tower in Cleveland’s Public Square was turned into a giant leg lamp, complete with a red garter.

Terminal Tower can be seen, sans leg-lamp accoutrements, in A Christmas Story’s first few opening shots, looming over Higbee’s department store, where Ralphie first spots the coveted Red Ryder BB gun.

6. The A Christmas Story leg lamp is also a big deal in Long Island.

In 2005, the Reichert family, owners of the Northport Hardware Store in Northport, Long Island, got a goofy idea after attending the mayor’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony. They browsed through the store’s generous stock of leg lamps, called over some of the guys from the bar next door, and ceremoniously lit one of the lamps in the store’s picture window. Then they all cheered.

Somehow the Reicherts’s lighting of the leg lamp caught on and it has become an annual Northport tradition, though their store no longer hosts the festivities.

7. The A Christmas Story leg lamp is a hit on Halloween.

The leg lamp has become so popular, you can now purchase ready-made Halloween costumes in its likeness. In 2012, Josh Sundquist, a paralympian, motivational speaker, and author who lost his leg to cancer when he was 9 years old, won Halloween when he decided to make his own leg lamp costume. He even shaved his leg for authenticity.

8. The A Christmas Story leg lamp has been a star on the stage.

In 2012, A Christmas Story: The Musical opened on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater. The leg lamp was celebrated with a kick line—only the Broadway chorus kicked up not only their own legs, but also fishnet-clad leg lamps.

The year before, at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank, California, the Troubadour Theater Company performed A Christmas Westside Story, a mashup of A Christmas Story and the epic tale of the Sharks and the Jets. What song did the leg lamp get to sing? None other than “I Feel Pretty.”

9. The A Christmas Story leg lamp is a hot commodity.

Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue, Flickr // CC BY 2.0

According to a post-Christmas press release that highlighted Amazon’s seasonal sales in 2012, the online retail giant boasted: “If you stacked every Christmas Story Leg Lamp purchased by Amazon customers this holiday season, the height would reach the top of Mt. Everest.”

10. The A Christmas Story leg lamp gave rise to a hilarious catchphrase.

“Fra-gee-lay. It must be Italian!” has graced everything from baby onesies to novelty shirts to kitschy home decor.