Even Parents Couldn’t Figure Out This English Homework Given to 5-Year-Olds

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Math problems intended for grade-schoolers aren’t the only homework assignments that have some adults feeling as frustrated as their kids. Take a look at this phonics worksheet spotted by POPSUGAR.

Royce Winnick shared the photo of the paper online after her daughter brought it home from her kindergarten class. The page focuses on the letter T, with the directions asking kids to practice writing the character on the top half of the page and figure out which T words correspond with the pictures in the bottom half. It seems simple enough until they reach the image in the bottom right corner of the worksheet.

The illustration shows rabbits in a cage with a feeding bowl and carrots—none of which start with the letter T. The kindergartner wrote the word “pet,” which makes more sense than the actual answer. According to the teacher, the correct response was “vet,” which is mind-numbing for a number of reasons. The teacher apparently felt the same: After receiving a complaint from Royce, she agreed to contact the publisher of the workbook she took the assignment from about the questionable section.