5 Must-See Titles Hitting Netflix in June

Marc Maron stars in GLOW (2017).
Marc Maron stars in GLOW (2017). / Netflix

The weather is turning warmer, but who would know it when Netflix keeps offering new additions to their lineup that threaten to keep us all housebound? Check out five titles new to the service in June that are likely to promote a Vitamin D deficiency.


The durable, rugged history of denim gets the documentary treatment in a film narrated by actor Edward Burns. Discover how jeans went from necessary workwear for laborers to high-end fashion statement and see how the collector culture has spawned dangerous trips into mines to excavate lost Levi’s treasures. (June 3)


Boxing documentaries aren’t exactly a rare find, and it’s tough to topple 1996’s Muhammad Ali spectacle When We Were Kings, but CounterPunch sets a different course. Focusing on three modern-day pugilists in different stages of their professional lives, director Jay Bulger (himself an amateur boxer) chronicles the struggle and heartbreak that comes with working in the hurt business. (June 16)

3. GLOW (2017)

Loosely based on the defunct professional wrestling promotion of the same name, the 10-episode GLOW is a Netflix original that pays homage to the neon spectacle that was the 1980s. Alison Brie plays Ruth, a struggling actress in Los Angeles who becomes part of a grappling ensemble coached by washed-up film director Sam (Marc Maron). Fleeting trivia note: Jackie Stallone (Sylvester’s mom) was involved in the original production. (June 23)

4. OKJA (2017)

This Korean film about a giant (and adorable) pig threatened by GMO practices was among Netflix’s first to premiere at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival—and was reportedly booed because the French aren’t terribly interested in movies that circumvent theatrical distribution. But that’s no reflection on the quality of the movie itself, said to be a touching and funny girl-and-her-odd-pet story. Journalist Jon Ronson (The Men Who Stare at Goats) co-wrote the screenplay with director Bong Joon Ho. (June 28)

5. GYPSY (2017)

50 Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson helmed this 10-episode Netflix original about a therapist (Naomi Watts) who begins to meddle in the lives of her patients, violating all kind of HIPPA regulations in the process. (June 30)