The Best Way to Watch Jaws Is While Floating in a Lake

Courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse
Courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse / Courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse

More than 40 years after Jaws terrified global audiences, fans of Steven Spielberg's classic shark movie likely assumed it was safe to go back in the water. But in Austin, Texas, the Alamo Drafthouse cinema keeps patrons on their toes during the summer with outdoor screenings of the 1975 thriller. Instead of reclining in a cushioned seat, moviegoers float on inner tubes in the middle of a local lake, dangling their feet in the water as they watch the killer shark attack beach-goers on a giant lakeside screen.

As Condé Nast Traveler reports, the Alamo’s annual “Jaws on the Water” series will return on June 30 and runs until July 23. The Austin-based movie chain will host the evening screenings at the Volente Beach Water Park on Lake Travis, which is located 45 minutes from the city’s downtown.

Tickets are $55, and are available for purchase online. They cover the cost of keepsake, shark-themed inner tubes, full access to water park attractions (including water slides), and a fireworks display. And naturally, the evening’s most entertaining element—sheer terror—is free.

Love the idea, but seen the original Jaws film one too many times? This year, “Jaws on the Water” will show Jaws 2, Jaws 3 in 3D, and Jaws: The Revenge. Each of these screenings is limited to one evening only, so book accordingly.

The Alamo Drafthouse has locations nationwide, but “Jaws on the Water” is only available to Austin cinema patrons. However, fans in other cities can celebrate the classic summer blockbuster by attending special, interactive Jaws screenings at their local Alamo from June 30 through July 6.

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