The Saturday Night Fever Dance Floor Is Up For Sale

Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures / Paramount Pictures

2001 Odyssey—the small Brooklyn nightclub immortalized by John Travolta in Saturday Night Feverclosed years ago, but fans of the movie can keep the disco spirit alive by purchasing the neon dance floor from the film. As Reuters reports, the pop culture relic will go up for auction in Los Angeles in late June, and is expected to fetch up to $1.5 million.

Profiles in History, an auction house in suburban L.A., will sell the dance floor as part of its upcoming Hollywood Auction, which will run from June 26 to June 28. The illuminated wood-and-Plexiglas floor measures 24 feet by 16 feet, and was custom-built for the 1977 film.

In the mid-2000s, the dance floor was the subject of a nasty legal dispute: Vito Bruno, a former employee of 2001 Odyssey, purchased the fixture at auction for just $6000, but the club’s former owner, Jay Rizzo, wanted more money. He ignored Bruno’s bid, claiming he withdrew the floor from auction before it was placed, and allowed Profiles in History to sell it to an anonymous bidder for a larger sum.

The law ended up being on Rizzo’s side, and he was declared the rightful owner. Now, he’s “decided to share it with the world,” according to Reuters. For more information on the dance floor, visit Profiles in History's website to view their digital auction catalog.

[h/t Reuters]