This Song Has Been Playing Since 1999 and Will Keep Going for 1000 Years

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It’s been 17 years since we marked the start of a new millennium in 2000. While most celebrations ended on New Year's Day, one song composed for the event continues to play—and it will keep playing until December 31, 2999, at which point it will reset itself.

The song, titled “Longplayer,” is the work of composer Jem Finer. To write the “everlasting symphony,” he started with six finite pieces of music. The pieces overlap each other in such a way that enables the song to go centuries without repeating itself. After 1000 years, the composition will finally end and start over from the beginning.

Great Big Story recently profiled the mastermind behind the project. Listen to Jem Finer tell his story in the video below:

[h/t Great Big Story]