Watch These Japanese Elementary Schoolers Set a Guinness World Record for Jump Rope

Guinness World Records, Youtube
Guinness World Records, Youtube / Guinness World Records, Youtube

When thinking of jump rope, "relaxing" probably isn't the first word that comes to mind. However, a recent video of a Japanese elementary school team setting a new world skipping record is so methodical and precise that it may have you questioning everything you know about the sport. (It may also have you retroactively thinking about your athletic shortcomings on the playground.)

In the video from Guinness World Records, a group of 14 students from Fuji Municipal Harada Elementary School take turns jumping over the rope in a figure-eight-like pattern. The group accumulates an impressive 225 jumps in under one minute, breaking the previous record of 217 skips in a minute from back in 2013. (That record belonged to Hiromi Elementary, Fuji Municipal Harada's rival school.) You can watch the full video below: