This Restaurant Company Serves Adventurous Foodies Dinner 150 Feet in the Air

Dinner in the Sky

Thrillseekers around the world who like their food with a side of adrenaline can dine al fresco while suspended 150 feet in the air, thanks to Dinner in the Sky. As Thrillist reports, the Belgium-based restaurant company uses a pedestal platform and a crane to lift customers aloft, providing them with panoramic views of famous landmarks, scenic countryside, and gleaming ocean.

Guests sit around the platform “table,” and are strapped into harnessed seats before liftoff. Cooks and servers, in turn, wear flexible harnesses that allow them to attend to their adventurous patrons from the platform’s center and heat up prepared food in a convection oven. For 70 minutes, diners enjoy a birds-eye view of the world before descending back to solid land.

Since its 2006 launch, Dinner in the Sky has hosted events in 55 countries, ranging from fine dining excursions and corporate events to lounges, concerts, and weddings. (If they want, the happy couple can even close the ceremony by bungee jumping.) They’ve hired famous French chef Joël Robuchon to cook for Prince Albert in the skies of Monaco, hosted an opera evening at the Tower of London with English soprano Lesley Garrett, and soared the skies of Sydney, Cape Town, Dubai, Bogota, Sao Paulo, and more.

Dinner in the Sky offers meals including brunch, and cocktail or wine-tasting events. Prices vary by event and location, and a schedule of planned events can be found online—but if none are being held near you, or heights make you queasy, you can vicariously experience Dinner in the Sky's aerial excursions by viewing the photos below.

All photos courtesy of Dinner in the Sky

[h/t Thrillist]