France Faces a Shortage of Authentic Camembert Cheese


Camembert cheese is one of France's most famous culinary traditions—but as Bloomberg reports, truly authentic wheels of the soft, creamy delicacy are in danger of disappearing from market shelves.

The Camembert sold at your local grocery store may be tasty, but it technically isn't the real deal, purists say. That honor is reserved for a type of cheese called Camembert de Normandie, which comes from the Normandy region of France. It's made with unpasteurized milk collected from local cows, contains a fat content of at least 38 percent, and is produced using the same time-honored methods first utilized by 18th-century farmers. (The cheese's purported inventor is French cheesemaker Marie Harel, who, according to legend, first created it in 1791 by adapting a priest's recipe.) To distinguish a "real" Camembert wheel from a fake one, foodies look for a label bearing the letters PDO, which indicates that the cheese's provenance is legitimate.

Sadly for fromage fans, production of Camembert de Normandie is on the wane. In 2007, several large-scale Camembert producers petitioned to legally use pasteurized milk instead of the raw variety. That would allow them to lower production costs by relying on multiple milk sources and making the cheese in larger batches. (The consumption of unpasteurized milk also carries health risks; for this reason, the sale of "real" Camembert cheese is banned in the U.S.)

Smaller Camembert producers protested the move, and they won the battle. In turn, big businesses began making an imitation Camembert that was better for their bottom line. Over the years, these same companies have been buying out smaller farms while producing a less-expensive product. While palatable to many, the cheese isn't actually Camembert—and today, only 1 percent of the 360 million wheels of Camembert produced annually are deemed authentic.

Camembert production may be going au revoir, but French farmers say the best way to keep the cheese alive is by, well, eating it. We can't think of a more delicious way to preserve culture.

[h/t Bloomberg]

Amazon’s Big Fall Sale Features Deals on Electronics, Kitchen Appliances, and Home Décor


If you're looking for deals on items like Keurigs, BISSELL vacuums, and essential oil diffusers, it's usually pretty slim pickings until the holiday sales roll around. Thankfully, Amazon is starting these deals a little earlier with their Big Fall Sale, where customers can get up to 20 percent off everything from home decor to WFH essentials and kitchen gadgets. Now you won’t have to wait until Black Friday for the deal you need. Make sure to see all the deals that the sale has to offer here and check out our favorites below.



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Home office Essentials


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Toys and games


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Home Improvement


- DEWALT 20V MAX LED Hand Held Work Light $54 (save $65)

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Home Décor


- A Christmas Story 20-Inch Leg Lamp Prop Replica by NECA $41 save $5

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The Most Popular Halloween Candy in Each State

Sarah Gualtieri, Unsplash
Sarah Gualtieri, Unsplash

Whether or not you're of trick-or-treating age, fall is the perfect time to indulge in your favorite candies. If you're curious to see which Halloween candies are popular in your part of the country, check out the interactive map below. put together this map of the most popular Halloween candy in each state by analyzing 13 years of candy sales data. Skittles is the most popular candy overall in the months leading up to Halloween, dominating sales in California, America's most populous state. Behind it is the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, which is the favorite Halloween candy in Kansas and North Carolina.

Some candies most people may not associate with Halloween were surprise winners in several states. Land-locked Wyoming loves saltwater taffy, while Louisiana is handing out Lemonheads to trick-or-treaters. And though it may be the most controversial Halloween candy, candy corn is still the top choice of buyers in North Dakota.

You can find each state's favorite Halloween candy in the graphic above from To make trick-or-treating as safe as possible this year, check out to Hershey's interactive map when planning your night.