You Can Sleep in These Owl-Shaped Cabins in Bordeaux, France for Free

Bordeaux Métropole, Flickr//CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Bordeaux Métropole, Flickr//CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 / Bordeaux Métropole, Flickr//CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

When tourists visiting France’s Bordeaux region aren’t drinking wine or frolicking through rolling vineyards, they can rest and relax for free inside cabins shaped like a cluster of the countryside’s ground-dwelling owls, Tiny House Blog reports.

Called “Les Guetteurs,” or “The Watchers,” the three conjoined residences are the brainchild of French design collective Bruit du Frigo. The project is just one of multiple public shelters that the group has commissioned in Bordeaux, all of which were built to promote off-the-beaten-path hiking and exploration, and provide city-dwellers with an escape from urban life.

Designed and constructed by French architectural firm Zebra3, the wooden cabins sit on a pier suspended across a wetlands area. The owls have shingle “feathers” and round porthole eyes, and inside, there are three levels joined by ladders, with round beds shaped like birds’ nests.

The cabins lack amenities like electricity and water, making them more of a glamping experience, but each one can accommodate up to nine guests—making them ideal spaces for quick countryside jaunts with a handful of friends.

Check out some photos of "Les Guetteurs" below, or try to reserve a future overnight stay online. (Sorry, summer vacationers, the cabins are booked for the next few months.)

[h/t Tiny House Blog]