Adidas Collaborates With Artists to Create Sneakers for All 50 States

Iowa / Adidas, Mari Orr

For a recent project from Adidas and Refinery29, artists were given a women’s running shoe to use as their blank canvas. Their only prompt: Design the sneaker to represent one of the American states. The results are as varied and colorful as the nation itself.

As Adweek reports, the initiative, dubbed BOOST the Nation, takes an all-American look at Adidas’s UltraBOOST X footwear line. Refinery29 selected several artists—all women—to put their regional stamp on the plain white shoe. Some have been decorated with state flora. For instance, the Florida sneaker sports a tropical frond and the shoe for North Carolina is embellished with Venus flytraps. Food is also a popular theme: Wisconsin cheese, Maine lobster, and Tennessee barbecue have all been incorporated into sneaker designs.

Each sneaker is one-of-a kind and only available through auction. All proceeds raised will go directly to Women Win, an organization dedicated to bringing sports to adolescent girls around the world. The auction runs through Tuesday, July 11, with current bids ranging from $110 to $2000. Check out the artists’ handiwork that's for sale below.

Georgia / Adidas, Lizzie Darden
Indiana / Adidas, Jen Mussari
Wisconsin / Adidas, Lizzie Darden
South Dakota
South Dakota / Adidas, Mari Orr
Oklahoma / Adidas, Jen Mussari
Kentucky / Adidas, Jen Mussari
Maine / Adidas, Lizzie Darden

[h/t Adweek]