Thousands Evacuate as Wildfires Blaze Across Part of Canada and the Western U.S.

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In the wake of California's record-breaking heat wave, severe wildfires fueled by winds, parched vegetation, and high temperatures have raged across the western United States and Canada. Thousands of residents have been forced to flee as firefighters struggle to contain the blazes.

Fourteen large wildfires ripped across California Monday evening, including three conflagrations that have already scorched 84 square miles of countryside, according to CNBC. Another massive fire—nicknamed the Alamo Fire—has spread from San Luis Obispo County to Santa Barbara County, charring 45 square miles.

Fire officials in rural areas of British Columbia, Canada have also fought to contain more than 200 wildfires, around 12 of which are considered severe. As of Monday night, about 14,000 people had been forced to evacuate as firefighters and military personnel battled the infernos. Meanwhile, thousands have been left without power.

"Generally, we're looking at a deteriorating situation," Bob Turner, British Columbia's assistant deputy minister of emergency management, said in an update.

Back in the western U.S., the National Weather Service has issued red flag warnings for regions in at least six states, including California, Nevada, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. A red flag warning is a forecast warning that critical fire weather conditions are either in effect or soon will be.

[h/t CNN]