This ID Wristband Stores Live-Saving Medical Information in the Cloud

Wrixo / Wrixo

Access to the right information is crucial in a medical emergency. That’s why some people wear ID bands around their wrists displaying life-saving information like allergies and health conditions. But what about patients whose medical history doesn’t fit on a thin band, or whose information is constantly changing? For them, there’s WRIXO.

WRIXO is a high-tech ID wristband currently being funded through Indiegogo, Mashable reports. In place of words engraved directly on the bracelet, a QR code directs medical professionals to the patient’s unique profile in the Cloud. It also contains a Near Field Communication, or NFC, chip embedded inside. All first responders have to do is tap their NFC-enabled smart device to the wearable, or if they don’t have NFC capabilities, scan the band’s QR code with their phone. From there, they can access personal data such as family history, doctors’ notes, current medications, emergency contacts, and blood type.

Updating information is easy: To tweak their account, users simply tap or scan their wristband, sign in, and edit the old data. Doctors may also have permission to upload information directly to a patient’s page, but only information the user has selected and approved. Privacy is a major part of WRIXO’s design: When accessing a wearer’s profile, doctors and EMTs must first input their phone number to receive a one-time PIN. After they use the code to log in, no one else will be able to use it to view the sensitive data.

Each WRIXO wristband is waterproof and UV resistant, and requires no battery or charging. To reserve one of your own, you can donate $55 to the product’s crowdfunding page with delivery estimated for November 2017.

[h/t Mashable]