The Must-Have Items for Your First Aid Kit

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Grabbing a pre-stocked first aid kit from a local or e-commerce store is always a good idea. An essential household item, the kit's contents can treat most minor burns, scrapes, cuts, and other non-urgent afflictions. Unfortunately, most people tend to buy the kit and then forget all about it—until the need arises. That’s when you could discover you might not have everything your situation requires.

Website BT recently covered some must-haves in a first aid kit. Among them:

Different-sized bandages

Larger dressings and medical tape for bigger wounds

Medical wipes


An instant ice pack

The Mayo Clinic also recommends stocking your kit with some less common items, like an eyewash in the event someone is exposed to an eye irritant; aluminum finger splints for sprains; hand sanitizer; soap; a bulb syringe for flushing wounds; antibiotic ointment; a thermometer; and a variety of medications, including antihistamines (for allergic reactions) and pain relievers. Having a first aid instruction booklet in your kit is helpful if you're unfamiliar with stemming the flow of blood and other important techniques.

Most households already have many of these items, but storing them in a centralized location makes it easier to retrieve them when you're in a rush. You should also check medications periodically to make sure they're not past their expiration date.

[h/t BT]