Aw, Shucks: There's an Oyster Vending Machine in France

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American vending machines have often failed to live up to the distribution kiosk's full potential. While North America is usually content to stuff machines full of chips, candy, and soda, international displays dispense everything from gold (in Dubai) to raw milk (in London).

Our national embarrassment continues, as the small French island of Île de Ré has recently installed a machine that dispenses oysters, according to Condé Nast Traveler.

The inspiration came when island oyster farmers Brigitte and Tony Berthelot had trouble staying open long enough to accommodate all of the customers who wanted mounds of their delicious mollusks. To offer 24/7 service, they decided to install a machine that's filled with fresh inventory daily.

"People always arrive when the shop door is closed, which is frustrating for customers and for us," Tony Berthelot told Ruptly TV. "So we looked at the systems, we looked at what was being done in agriculture, because there are many distributors in the countryside. We contacted a manufacturer who responded and who fitted a machine for oysters since it is a particular product that is not very restrictive but requires some adjustments."

Patrons walk up to the machine—which is indoors—and pay, then select a crate from one of several compartments built into the unit. The oysters are sold closed, so it's not quite fast food, but the price is the same as if you bought them during normal operating hours: a batch of 12 goes for around $8. If you order ahead while the store is still open, they can customize your request with additional items like sea asparagus.

[h/t Condé Nast Traveler]