Reduce Your Environmental Impact With This Carbon Footprint Calculator

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You may know that driving a gas-guzzling car or taking several plane trips a year leaves a negative impact on the environment. But did you know that everything from your diet to the size of your home also contributes to your carbon footprint? If you’re curious to see how the repercussions of your daily choices add up, head over to the digital Carbon Calculator from Conservation International.

According to Fast Company, the nonprofit designed the tool as a way for people to take a personal approach to fighting climate change. It first launched about 10 years ago and was updated recently with the latest statistics on subjects like food choices and hybrid and electric vehicles.

To use it, input your zip code and answer a series of questions about your travel habits, modes of transportation, and the type of household you live in. You’ll be asked to report on a variety of topics including your meat-eating tendencies and the number of nights you spend in a hotel each year.

When the survey is complete, you’ll be shown your carbon footprint in tons plus the number of trees needed to offset it. If your household carbon footprint is equivalent to less than 243 trees for your home, 14 trees for transportation, and 43 trees for travel, you're below the U.S. average. If any of those numbers creep higher than the national average, Conservation International recommends a few simple life changes like going meatless one day a week and shopping from consignment stores. Here are some more steps you can take to make your lifestyle a little greener.

[h/t Fast Company]