8 Tattoos of M.C. Escher Art

Mulling it Over/Flickr
Mulling it Over/Flickr / Mulling it Over/Flickr

I began looking at tattoos based on fine art, and found that M.C. Escher works are quite popular on skin. So much so that it proved difficult to find one tattoo representative of the artist, so instead here are eight of them.

Hand with Reflecting Sphere

Jace Masula inked this tattoo in 2008, but didn't specify whether it's on an arm or a leg. The image is M.C. Escher's "Hand with Reflecting Sphere," his 1935 self-portrait.


Photograph by Flickr user Niki aplusbi.

I believe the optical illusion effect of many of Escher's works are what make them so desirable as tattoos. This arm sports Escher's tessellation entitled "Liberation." When this picture was taken, the tattoo was not quite finished.

Photograph by Tattoos by Kane - Immortal Images Tattoos.

The same image is spread out a bit in this full back tattoo.

Möbius Strip II

Photograph by Ritch g.

Ottowa tattoo artist and DeviantART member Rich Grenier tattooed the M.C. Escher work "Möbius Strip II (Red Ants)" on Paul Regnier. In 2010, Paul and his wife were out celebrating their 20th anniversary when they were struck by a drunk driver who was drifting. The couple were both killed, leaving three daughters. Paul's best friend then came to Grenier to have the ant on the left inked on his wrist in Paul's honor.

Twon Tree

Photograph by Flickr user Fuschia Foot.

Tony has a tattoo on his side that is a slightly simplified version of Escher's "Twon Tree" from 1919.


Photograph by Flickr user Claudio Diaz.

This arm is looking at you. It has a tattoo of Escher's 1946 drawing "Eye." The reflection of the skull in the iris has fascinated people ever since.

Drawing Hands

Photograph by Flickr user Mulling it Over.

Barry M has a back tattoo of Escher's "Drawing Hands," inked by Dr. Julien in Eugene, Oregon.

Three Worlds

Mark van Rumpt had a version of Escher's "Three Worlds" inked on his arm, wrap-around style. You can see the painting in the background of this image. It was done by Jessie at Renaissance Studio in Abbotsford, British Columbia. You can see more in a video

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