For $9.95, You Can Go to the Movies Every Day

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Movie theaters have taken a bit of a beating in recent years, with streaming services like Netflix, internet piracy, and other distractions conspiring to reduce the number of butts in their reclining seats. But what if you could see any movie you like, every day of the week, for just $9.99 a month?

That’s the premise behind MoviePass, a startup spearheaded by onetime Netflix executive Mitch Lowe. And aside from a few asterisks, it’s shockingly liberal in what it’s promising to do. Subscribers to MoviePass who pay the monthly $9.95 fee will be able to see virtually any movie at any major theater chain in the country, even on opening day. If you see just one film a month, the service would save you some of the cost of a $12 or $13 ticket in a major metropolitan area. If you see several, it’s a cinephile’s dream come true.

Theaters already suffering from lower attendance won’t be taking the hit, though: Lowe will. His service will be footing the bill for full-price tickets, with the long-term goal of acquiring consumer data for future advertising campaigns. And while they’re being pretty generous, they won’t subsidize your IMAX or 3D viewing habits: it’s 2D only.

Since word broke Tuesday, the MoviePass website has been experiencing significant interruptions and crawl, so you may not be able to sign up as easily as you’d like. But if you can complete the order, your golden ticket awaits.