Perfume Alarm Clocks Promise to Wake Kids Up to Their Favorite Scents

Lexibook / Lexibook

There's no shortage of weird alarm clocks for people who need extra motivation to get out of bed in the morning. But this new clock spotted by Engadget may be one of the weirdest: It rouses sleepers from their dreams by emitting scents inspired by famous characters from children's films.

The Frozen and Despicable Me branded clocks are the latest products from the perfume alarm company Bescent. In 2015, the creators launched their concept on Kickstarter under the name Sensorwake. The original clock features such sophisticated smells as seaside, espresso, croissant, and grass.

Now, under a new name, Bescent is hoping to appeal to kids. Their line of junior alarm clocks, which is a collaboration with the children's tech company Lexibook, includes a Frozen alarm clock with the lovable snowman Olaf on it and a Despicable Me clock sporting fruit-juggling Minions. The first device releases a peppermint scent and the second smells like bananas. Bescent will also offer "a fresh peach fragrance for Barbie lovers" and a "sweet strawberry candy fragrance for Disney princesses" [PDF].

For the groggy parents who feel like they're missing out, the company also announced an updated version of their olfactory alarm clock aimed at adults. The upcoming model will use lights and music to wake owners rather than relying solely on aroma.

The new items are set to hit the market in fall 2017.

[h/t Engadget]