Packing Hack: How to Fit a Whole Outfit in Your Socks

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Luggage-packing wizards often suggest stuffing loose items like socks into your shoes so as not to waste that luggage space. But it turns out, your socks might be more useful elsewhere. You can fit a whole outfit in them, as we learned from this video spotted by likeCOOL.

Toby Lerone, a UK YouTuber devoted to "helping you in your quest to acquire useless talents," shows you how in the short tutorial below, which is aimed at campers and hikers but should be useful to anyone looking to pack light. The key is in the roll.

First, lay your shirt on a flat surface, then put your pants, shorts, or skirt folded in half in the middle. The tops of the items should line up. Fold your underwear in half—Lerone uses boxers, but presumably this hack is gender-neutral as long as you have socks high enough to encase the whole thing—and line them up a little below the top of your pants. Fold the sides of the shirt on top of the pants so that you have one long rectangle of clothes and put your socks at the top with the open ends facing out. Roll the whole thing up, then roll the socks in over the whole things.

And boom, you have a sock-outfit. Warning: Wrinkles may apply.

[h/t likeCOOL]