Here's How to Take a Trip Around the World for Less Than $1500

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If no Thanksgiving holiday sounds better than a jetsetting vacation away from your extended family, you’re in luck: Thrillist has the lowdown on a bargain travel plan from Airfare Spot, which will bring lucky travelers to six different cities all over the world in 18 days for just $1300.

You’ll start out in New York City, spend a few days in Paris, fly to Abu Dhabi, head from Dubai to Singapore, take a few days to enjoy Sydney, and then wind down in Honolulu before returning to New York. (You will have to get yourself from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, about an hour and a half drive.)

The itinerary begins the evening of November 14 and goes through November 30, budgeting for no more than three days in each place. Better pack light.

November 14: Leave New York City for Paris

November 18: Leave Paris for Abu Dhabi (and later, Dubai)

November 22: Leave Dubai for Singapore

November 24: Leave Singapore for Sydney

November 27: Leave Sydney for Honolulu

November 30: Leave Honolulu for New York

The flights are all individual, one-way legs on different airlines, so you’ll need to book separately, and none of this includes accommodations or other expenses, as you might expect for such a low price. Since airfare changes all the time, this deal won’t last forever, and the price may change slightly depending on when you book—it was a little more than $1300 on September 18, but was clocking in around $1266 today, September 25. But if you're ready to pack your bags, you'd be better off booking the trip sooner rather than later, in case the price increases.

Over the course of those 24,597 miles you'll travel, you’ll only get to spend two to three days in each city. Airfare Spot claims those few days are “pretty much enough to have the idea of the country/city,” which we don’t exactly believe, but if you book a trip like this, you know you're in for a quantity over quality situation. At least if you feel like two days isn’t enough to explore a particular city, you’ll know where to return for your next vacation.

[h/t Thrillist]