Tween Enlists Community’s Help to Feed the Homeless

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Seth Wofford has something on his mind that’s far more serious than what most kids his age are thinking about. The 11-year-old from Fayetteville, North Carolina, has a wish to feed the area’s poor and homeless, so he and his family set up a charity to make that dream a reality.

Seth’s Wish is a nonprofit organization run by the Wofford family that helps provide more than 100 hot meals for the poor and homeless every Sunday. The group also holds special meals over the Christmas holiday season and provides food for students from Seth’s school, according to WNCN.

Thanks to donations and sponsorships, the Woffords also hand out bookbags and other necessities—like shoes and socks—to those in the area that are in need. The charity has teamed up with numerous local businesses over the past few years to provide food and supplies, and in August 2017, the local Food Lion stepped up in a big way. Upon hearing about the selflessness of Seth and his family’s charity, the store donated $3000 to the cause.

One look at Seth’s Wish’s Facebook page shows the dedication of everyone involved, with a full menu for lunch and dessert provided by the workers, including homemade pecan pie.

The charity has woven itself into the community, and on its website, Seth’s Wish promises “We will always do what we can to help, and make sure every single person who comes to us in need is treated like a human being, an equal, and no better or worse than we are.”