For Sale at Costco: A 1-Year Emergency Food Kit with a $1K Price Tag

Costco / Costco

Some people prepare for the unexpected by packing go-bags, or emergency totes filled with essential supplies for several days. But for survivalists looking to withstand a pending apocalypse (or a prolonged period without access to grocery stores), Costco—like always—has a one-stop shopping solution: a $1000 food kit containing a year’s supply of canned food for one person, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The kit is stocked with nearly 100 gallon-sized cans, which contain wheat, rice, granola, and dehydrated and freeze-dried fruits and veggies, along with canned beef, chicken, and instant milk. (There’s also sugar and salt, since your taste buds deserve a treat during stressful times.) Together, they yield an estimated 6200 servings of food, and 1200 calories per day on average. For customers with families, or bigger appetites, Costco also sells a $6000 version of the kit, which contains an estimated 36,000 meal servings for four people over the course of one year.

Even if the world’s end doesn’t arrive, the kit’s canned goods still have a shelf life of up to 25 years. While they may collect dust in your fallout shelter or basement, they’ll ultimately still be good to eat once your pantry’s contents run dry and you don’t feel like making a grocery run. And if a natural disaster happens to strike, you’ll be all set to stick out the tough days ahead with a full stomach.

[h/t Detroit Free Press]