How to Turn a Pineapple Into a Halloween 'Pumpkin'

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While crisp air, falling leaves, and trips to the pumpkin patch are the stuff of Hallmark cards, they're certainly not characteristic of the universal fall experience. Whether you live in a beachy locale with more sun than squash plants or you’re simply not a fan of scooping strings and seeds, you might feel inclined to try out the new autumn trend that’s sweeping Instagram, according to Insider: carving pineapples into jack-o’-lanterns.

Whittling a pineapple into a glowing, grinning figure seems more complicated than it actually is. Instead of hollowing the fruit with a spoon, you’ll want to core the pineapple, either with a knife or a designated tool. Carving a miniature face into its side with a sharp paring knife shouldn’t be that difficult, either, as pineapple flesh—even with its prickly skin—is softer than pumpkin shell.

Once you’re finished, insert a tea light inside—we recommend the LED kind—and place your tropical buddy on your porch. All that’s left to do now is to whip up some tiki drinks. (Word to the wise: Pineapple jack-o’-lanterns won’t last as long as their more traditional counterparts, so hold off on carving until right before Halloween.)

We’ve rounded up some pineapple jack-o’-lantern inspiration for you below:

[h/t Insider]