The Cocktail Chart: Signature Drinks of Fictional Icons

Pop Chart Lab
Pop Chart Lab / Pop Chart Lab

Want to drink like your favorite character? Now you can. Pop Chart Lab has created this handy chart brimming with recipes for the signature drinks of several unforgettable characters. Whether drinking to cope with a regrettable past (Dick Whitman, aka Don Draper, likes a classic Old Fashioned), bulk up (Rocky Balboa’s super-manly all-egg Protein Shake), or waste your flighty, privileged life away (lookin’ at you, Daisy), you’ll be in good hands with this exhaustive guide.

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"Our love of libations is no big secret—we've charted the varieties of beer, the constitutions of cocktails, the manifold martinis, and the breakdown of alcohol at large," says the Pop Chart Lab team. "Our infographic-crazed poster company was actually borne from a love of books and literature. Or perhaps more accurately, our obsession with narrative—the way data can come together to tell a story, be it through prose, the moving image, or the snaking tendrils of a chart. So for this poster we plumbed the deaths of our book knowledge and cinephilia to come up with story-specific tipples. We realized quickly that so many of our favorite characters were actually immediately associated with alcoholic drinks: Bond's shaken-but-not-stirred martini; The Dude's White Russians; the many, many drinks of Fitzgerald and Hemingway's gilded age guzzlers. And our research further confirmed our suspicions: fictional characters, across all mediums, love to drink."

It should be noted that, while some of the listed drinks are all-inclusive (The Alaskan Polar Bear Heater contains a whopping 8 ingredients), some, like Hannibal Lector’s tall glass of Chianti, are all about the accompaniments. Most of the menu can be concocted using everyday liquor-store products, but good luck getting your hands on Krusty Brand cough syrup or, well, any of the ingredients required for the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

One glaring omission seems to be the “Old Spanish,” a fictionally unappealing mixture of red wine, tonic water, and olives that recently made the trans-genre jump from the world of 30 Rock to Mad Men. Can you think of the signature drinks from any of your other favorite fictional characters that you would have liked to be included on this poster?