Chris Hadfield Plays Games in Space

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Imagine you're on the International Space Station. You spend your day supervising science experiments, making sure the station is running properly, and doing your required two-hour-a-day workout routine. It's a busy day, but what happens in your spare time, when you're just chilling out in space? During his free time, Commander Chris Hadfield plays "Space Darts," a space-ified version of the game using non-pointy materials found on the ISS. (He also makes a lot of YouTube videos, and plays Space Scrabble...and I spotted a Space iPad velcroed to the wall of the ISS, which just might contain a game or two.) Hadfield's Space Darts game is a little slow, but the mere fact that it's happening in space makes it pretty rad.

So can Earth-bound humans make a better game for space, using only spare materials found on the ISS? If it's the MythBusters, you bet they're gonna try! In this video, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman talk to Hadfield about Space Darts -- and then devise a game of their own. It involves a duct tape ball with fins, and trying to put a little English on a ball thrown in space. Will this new game beat Space Darts? Watch and find out:

Note: this is from the Tested YouTube Channel, a must-subscribe if you like making things...or watching Adam Savage make things.