Trailer Thursday: Superman, Bling and the Apocalypse

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. / Warner Bros.

Welcome to Trailer Thursday, where we help you decide what to do with your Friday night (and when to stay home). Here’s what's coming out this week.

Man of Steel

The latest incarnation of Superman, this one starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane and Kevin Costner, among others.

See it if:

- Like me, you believe that the presence of Michael Shannon could improve almost any movie. He looks pretty BA as General Zod.
- You were a fan of 300 and Watchmen. Man of Steel director Zack Snyder is responsible for those movies, too, so you can expect this to be a darker, grittier Superman.
- That being said, see this if you do not want to laugh at the movies this weekend. Several reviews have commented on how serious and joyless the whole movie is.

This is the End

Your favorite Judd Apatow actors and their friends, all playing themselves, deal with the apocalypse.

See it if:

- You do want to laugh this weekend. It's reportedly hilarious, and it's 84 percent fresh over at Rotten Tomatoes. If I make it to the movies this weekend, this is definitely the one I will be seeing.
- You think Michael Cera is overrated.
- You loved the trailer for Jay and Seth versus the Apocalypse, the short this movie was based on.
- You still think the Backstreet Boys are far superior to 'N Sync.

The Bling Ring

Based on the real-life burglaries that swept Hollywood a few years ago, The Bling Ring is about a bunch of teenage wannabe starlets who raid the homes of celebrities. Victims included Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson, Megan Fox and Paris Hilton, who let director Sofia Coppola shoot scenes in her actual house.

See it if:

- You think you can watch scenes of Paris Hilton's Paris-infested ego trip of a house without cringing.
- You'd like to see how Emma Watson handles playing a spoiled reality show Hollywood kid who loves "Lip Gloss, Purses, Yoga, Pole Dancing, Uggs, Louboutins, Juice Cleanses, Iced coffee and Tattoos."