Vegan Black Metal Chef - Vegan Lasagna of Doom

YouTube / Vegan Black Metal Chef
YouTube / Vegan Black Metal Chef / YouTube / Vegan Black Metal Chef

My favorite genre-bending ultra-bizarre YouTube channel is Vegan Black Metal Chef. It's polarizing -- I find it laugh-out-loud funny, maybe because I have a bunch of vegan friends (many of whom are into metal, some even black metal, "an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music," according to Wikipedia). But if you don't know what veganism is, or what black metal is, this will probably just seem confusing and dumb. On the bright side, if you're looking for a tasty lasagna recipe that happens to be vegan...I've got a video for you, buddy!

If you watch a minute or so of this lasagna-making video done in over-the-top pseudo-black-metal style, you'll know whether you want to go back and watch the whole channel. (They are all pretty much like this.) Here's a sample of the "lyrics" from this recipe-slash-song:

[In guttural screaming tone] "Gather your components at the Altar of the Beast [baking pan]. Which came first, the lasagna or the pan? A box of noodles fits perfectly, all along with Satan's plan. Drizzle the tahini along each row of lasagna. Don't go crazy with it until you see how much you like. I add the tahini to about every second layer."

Language warning: there's one f-bomb in this, but it comes around 4 minutes in. If you've watched 4 whole minutes of Vegan Black Metal Chef, I'm pretty sure you won't mind.

For the record, yes, there's a healthy dose of satire here. But it's also a legit vegan cooking show.

My favorite YouTube comment exchange on the above video:

Naive Jack: Lord of Oblivion and Darkness, my puny Oven of Doom cannot reach that hellish temperature. Or perhaps you meant Fahrenheit? I cook Lasagnas at 200°C and it looks great for the Feast of Satan himself. VeganBlackMetalChef: Go by the blasphemous chaotic american temperature scale (F)

More on the aforelinked YouTube channel, or the Vegan Black Metal Chef website.