The Twilight Zone Is Getting Another Revival, Courtesy of CBS

Sci Fi Channel/Getty Images
Sci Fi Channel/Getty Images

Nearly 60 years after it originally premiered, and more than a decade after its last attempted reboot, CBS has announced its plans to bring a brand-new version of Rod Serling’s landmark sci-fi series The Twilight Zone to All Access, the broadcaster’s online streaming network.

The announcement came on Thursday afternoon, during a conference call with investors, according to Variety. “All Access will be the home of a new version of one of the most iconic television shows of all time: The Twilight Zone,” CBS CEO Leslie Moonves said, though he didn’t offer much in the way of details regarding when it might premiere or who would be involved.

It was exactly two years ago that CBS announced it was reviving yet another legendary sci-fi series via All Access: Star Trek. That ultimately led to the creation of Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman’s Star Trek: Discovery, which premiered on All Access in late September and was just renewed for a second season. Which means that it could be another couple of years before we are finally able to see a new version of The Twilight Zone—yet it’s not the first time the network has attempted a reboot.

While the original series ran on CBS for five seasons between 1959 and 1964, new iterations of the beloved anthology series popped up again in 1985 (when it ran for three seasons on CBS) and in 2002, when Forest Whitaker took over Serling’s role for a single-season run on UPN.

In addition to serving as a source of inspiration for pretty much every sci-fi series that followed it, The Twilight Zone was also a launching pad for some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including William Shatner, George Takei, Cloris Leachman, and Robert Redford.

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These Rugged Steel-Toe Boots Look and Feel Like Summer Sneakers

Indestructible Shoes
Indestructible Shoes

Thanks to new, high-tech materials, our favorite shoes are lighter and more comfortable than ever. Unfortunately, one thing most sneakers are not is durable. They can’t protect your feet from the rain, let alone heavy objects. Luckily, as their name implies, Indestructible Shoes has come up with a line of steel-toe boots that look and feel like regular sneakers.

Made to be incredibly strong but still lightweight, every pair of Indestructible Shoes has steel toes, skid-proof grips, and shock-absorption technology. But they don't look clunky or bulky, which makes them suitable whether you're going to work, the gym, or a family gathering.

The Hummer is Indestructible Shoes’s most well-rounded model. It features European steel toes to protect your feet, while the durable "flymesh" material wicks moisture to keep your feet feeling fresh. The insole features 3D arch support and extra padding in the heel cup. And the outsole features additional padding that distributes weight and helps your body withstand strain.

Indestructible Shoes Hummer.
The Hummer from Indestructible Shoes.
Indestructible Shoes

There’s also the Xciter, Indestructible Shoes’s latest design. The company prioritized comfort for this model, with the same steel toes as the Hummer, but with additional extra-large, no-slip outsoles capable of gripping even smooth, slippery surfaces—like, say, a boat deck. The upper is made of breathable moisture-wicking flymesh to help keep your feet dry in the rain or if you're wearing them on the water.

If you want a more breathable shoe for the peak summer months, there's the Ryder. This shoe is designed to be a stylish solution to the problem of sweaty feet, thanks to a breathable mesh that maximizes airflow and minimizes sweat and odor. Meanwhile, extra padding in the midsole will keep your feet protected.

You can get 44 percent off all styles if you order today.

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The Office Writers Considered Making Michael Scott a Murderer, According to Greg Daniels

NBCUniversal, Inc.
NBCUniversal, Inc.

Greg Daniels is best known as the showrunner of The Office, a job that earned him two of his four Emmys. As reported by Screen Rant, the acclaimed creator dished in a recent interview with The Guardian about why the American version of the much-loved show almost wasn't made, along with a proposed plot twist for Michael Scott that forced Daniels to put his foot down.

"The UK version hadn’t finished airing and I’d never heard of it. My agent sent me a VHS tape of season one. It had a somewhat boring title so I didn’t look at it. He told me he wanted to show it to someone else if I wasn’t interested, so I popped it in. I watched the entire first series that evening," Daniels said.

As the show really got going after Steve Carell's role in The 40-Year-Old Virgin made him a household name, Daniels said some ideas in the writers room got too wacky for their own good. He recalled one particular instance, saying, “There were times where [the writers] would become enamored with a joke, and I'd have to put my foot down. For instance, they really wanted Michael to kill Meredith with his car. That was an early pitch, where he runs her over in the parking lot and then comes back, gets a tire iron and finishes the job. I was like, 'You can’t do that, that’s crazy!'”

Michael being a murderer certainly would have changed the tone of the show, so it makes sense that it never happened. Imagine the courtroom scenes we would have had to endure! The Scranton Strangler storyline would have paled in comparison.

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