Trailer Thursday: The Heat and White House Down

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Welcome to Trailer Thursday, where we help you decide what to do with your Friday night (and when to stay home). Here’s what’s coming out tomorrow.

White House Down

John Cale, having just been denied his Secret Service dream job, is taking his daughter on a tour of the White House when things get real (as they often do when Channing Tatum is around): A paramilitary group takes over the Executive Mansion. Cale is the only one able to protect President Jamie Foxx. Oh, and his daughter, who is played by Ramona Quimby (the adorable Joey King). Do you want to bet that he's forced to choose between the two of them at some point?

See it if:

- You're not sick of Channing (all over your) Tatum yet.
- You want a mindless action flick this weekend. The movie's not getting great reviews, but you have to admit that it's probably going to keep your attention. Just don't go in expecting Shakespeare. From Richard Roeper: "Everyone in White House Down is an idiot, clinically insane, a cliché, or a vehicle for shameless exploitation."
- You meant to see Olympus Has Fallen but never quite got around to it.

The Heat

In this film, which stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, an uptight FBI agent is paired with a rough-around-the-edges, renegade cop from Boston in order to bring down a druglord. I'll let you guess which actress is playing which role.

See it if:
- You're not sick of Melissa McCarthy yet. (I'm not.)
- You want to see Sandra Bullock playing a more pulled-together version of Gracie Hart from Miss Congeniality.
- Well, there's a sexist albino DEA agent. So there's that.