18 Vintage Photos of People Celebrating Independence Day

Library of Congress
Library of Congress

You'll spend today grilling, drinking, and watching fireworks. Here's how people celebrated in years gone by.

1. 1918: American soldiers driving through streets during 4th of July celebrations.

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2. 1932: Elizabeth Young (right), a Paramount player of the 30s, is celebrating Independence Day by waving sparklers and linking arms with Lyda Roberti, the German-Polish leading lady who was a former child cafe singer.

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3. 1940: A group of children playing with sparklers after Fourth of July celebrations.

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4. 1955: A young boy on a miniature float commemorates the American Declaration of Independence, at the baby parade in Lititz Springs Park, Pennsylvania. The children are judged on their appeal and costume as part of the Independence Day celebrations on the 4th of July.

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5. 1955: A child dressed as George Washington is pulled past on a miniature float, one of the contestants in the Lititz Springs Park, Pennsylvania baby parade.

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6. 1939: A Fourth of July picnic on St. Helena Island, South Carolina.

Library of Congress

7. 1923: Fourth of July parade at Takoma Park. 

Library of Congress

8. 1893: A Fourth of July salute.

Library of Congress

9. 1908: Baseball at Sauk Centre, Minnesota, within a race track.

Library of Congress

10. 1906: A little boy holding three large firecrackers and an American flag.

Library of Congress

11. 1906: Parade float.

Library of Congress

12. 1919: Two women (possibly in the Washington, DC area) dressed as Liberty and Columbia as part of the year's Fourth of July celebration.

Library of Congress

13. 1919: Scenes of celebration at Walter Reed.

Library of Congress

14. 1941: Bicycle riders in parade on the Fourth of July at Vale, Oregon.

Library of Congress

15. Between 1900 and 1916: Tug of war contest on street in Skagway, Alaska, on the 4th of July.

Library of Congress

16. 1941: Fourth of July roadside stand near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Library of Congress

17. 1895: Boys stand on a model ship on horse-drawn float in Victor, Colorado's Fourth of July parade.

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18. 1916: Child dressed as Liberty.

Library of Congress

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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Calm on the Fourth of July

iStock/Getty Images Plus/melissabrock1
iStock/Getty Images Plus/melissabrock1

The Fourth of July can be rough for dogs. Fireworks displays light up their senses with unfamiliar noises, flashes, and smells, and parties flood their homes with strange guests who may invade the rooms they usually have as private retreats. And when distressed dogs escape, howl, or thrash around the house, Independence Day can quickly become a nightmare for their owners, too. To minimize Fido's stress this holiday, we spoke to some dog experts to discover the best ways to keep your canine calm on the Fourth of July.

1. Exercise Your Dog

Anthony Newman, the dog whisperer who runs New York City's Calm Energy Dog Training, says that exercise is a great way to help your dog let off some nervous energy. "Whenever Fido is going to be neglected for an extended period of time, or around any stressful stimuli, it always helps to tire him out just before—and even during the night if you can," Newman says. "As the saying goes, a tired dog is a good dog! He'll be calmer, happier, and more peaceful."

2. Keep Your Dog Indoors

Dr. Stephanie Liff, head veterinarian at Pure Paws Veterinary Care, says the best place to keep your pet during a fireworks show is inside and away from the windows. "If the pet is very scared, an escape-proof crate or a sound-insulated room, such as an internal bathroom, may help the pet to feel more secure," Liff tells Mental Floss. "If you cannot keep your pet inside, make sure that the pet is prevented from escape (monitor all exits and tell guests to monitor your pet)."

3. Socialize Your Dog

While your dog may feel more secure in a room away from all the noise, Newman points out that keeping your dog isolated in another room for too long can be stressful for your pet. "Release his curiosity and let him in on the fun, to run around and play with both two-legged as well as four-legged guests," Newman says. "Then back to his obedient room, bed, car, crate, or spot. Rinse and repeat as needed throughout the night."

4. Take Control of Your Dog

According to Newman, the best way to keep your dog calm during the chaos of July 4th is to stay in charge. "If your dog winces, shivers, and runs away at loud noises, the last thing he wants is to feel like nobody else is looking out for him," Newman says. Don't let your dog run rampant around the house or follow him around trying to soothe him. Instead, Newman says it's important to "take control by attaching a super-light leash that you can grab and lead him whenever you need."

5. Explore Medicating Your Dog

In extreme cases of nervousness, Liff says that you should talk to your vet about medication to sedate your dog.