8 Wonderfully Creative Crochet Projects

smapte / smapte

If you can dream it, someone can crochet it. It's a bit like 3D printing in that way, but the skill, creativity, and care that went into these crochet works of art make them so much different from anything molded in plastic. I hope you like them as much as I do!

1. Snailvengers

Laura Partridge makes crocheted snails dressed as all kinds of pop culture characters, but the Avengers is my favorite set. Snailvengers assemble! The crochet pattern for each can be bought at her Etsy store, or you can order the entire series ready-made. 

2. Crocheted Octopus Coffee Cup Cozy

Twinkie Chan went to a white elephant sale, and instead of buying or donating something useless, she made a purple octopus coffee cozy. You might call it a "white elephant," meaning a useless thing, but it's way too interesting to fit comfortably in that category. She named it "Really Grumpy Octopus re-usable coffee cup sleeve."

3. Skeleton and Organs

Artist Shanell Brooke Papp crocheted a life-size skeleton, along with some vital organs to go with it, in 2006. The project is called "Lab." It was exhibited on a hospital stretcher, with and without organs, which were also displayed pinned to a pegboard and in jars just like scientific specimens would be. Papp talks about the inspiration and construction of "Lab" in this interview

4. Spock Ears

As a New Year gift to readers a couple of years ago, Croshame offered the pattern for crocheted Spock ears. They have special flaps to keep them on your ears. They can be made to use as Vulcan ears, elf ears, Yoda ears, or just to keep your ears warm in winter. Imagine that!

5. Pop Culture Amigurumi Dolls

Kristen Kinsey made these amigurumi dolls in the likeness of Dexter Morgan (left) from the TV series Dexter, and Connor, from the video game Assassin's Creed 3. See other delightful crocheted amigurumi dolls at her Etsy store LilKillerCities

6. The Smallest Crochet

Su Ami is a handcraft studio in Vietnam, with five family members making cute items. Some are "regular" size, but they range all the way down to fingertip works! This little cat is barely an inch long, but has all the details that make a cat: whiskers, nose, ears, eyes and tail. Check out their other works at the Etsy shop

7. Walking Dead Crochet Dolls

Rin at Deadcraft made a series of crocheted The Walking Dead characters. There are Rick, and Daryl (with a crocheted crossbow), and Michonne with her pet walkers. You can buy Michonne and her buddies, and the other Walking Dead dolls

8. Hypnotoad

All hail the Hypnotoad! DeviantART member smapte receated the Hypnotoad from the TV series Futurama in crochet -with no pattern! It also makes the proper sound effects when you poke it. The crocheted Hypnotoad amigurumi was auctioned off to benefit the USO, and smapte even matched the winning bid with her own donation.

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