A Roundup of Sharknado Tribute Art

Iain Heath/Ocher Jelly
Iain Heath/Ocher Jelly / Iain Heath/Ocher Jelly

The SyFy original movie Sharknado is so ridiculously over-the-top that it became an overnight sensation. Its unbelievable premise is so spectacular that the film will be shown in theaters this Friday at midnight -even after being shown on TV multiple times. Meanwhile, as we prepare for the annual Shark Week orgy on the Discovery Channel, the Sharknado meme still bubbles on the internet. Let's explore some of the art inspired by the preposterous Sharknado.

Sharknado Cake

Charm City Cakes has unveiled their latest masterpiece: the Sharknado cake! It's a miracle of both engineering and confectionary delight. What kind of party would one order a Sharknado cake for? It doesn't matter -I want to be invited!


Jody Travous Nee makes whimsical small sculptures, and had to make one of a scene from Sharknado, complete with chainsaw. Unfortunately, there was only one, and it was snapped up quickly.

Comic Con Costumes

Grant Imahara spotted this elaborate Sharknado headdress at Comic Con in San Diego last week. He called it "The best costume I've seen today." See more pictures of the wearer, who added more sharks as the weekend progressed, at Business Insider

It wasn't the only Sharknado costume at Comic Con. This one relied on movement to make its intended reference clear.


Many artists are making their Sharknado tributes available on t-shirts. Shelby, who is a fan of Shark Week, created this t-shirt design and sells them through the Etsy store I'm Shark Weak. You can select a light or dark tornado with contrasting sharks to go with your choice of t-shirt color.

LEGO Snarknado

LEGO Sharknado! It sounds almost poetic, doesn't it? LEGO artist Iain Heath, known as Ochre Jelly, couldn't resist turning the SyFy monster/disaster movie into a LEGO work.

Amazingly, this model actually stands up on its own (although its a bit wobbly, being very top-heavy). If I have the time I may add more sharks, improve the lettering, and strengthen it up enough to display at BrickCon.

Here's another Sharknado LEGO creation, from Digital Wizards

Nail Art

You can buy these Snarknado nail art decals from Etsy seller NailSpin. Wear them all through Shark Week!

Art Prints

The SyFy network collaborated with Gallery 1988 to create and sell three art prints centered around Sharknado at Comic Con. The print above is by Glen Brogan

This pinup style print, a riff on the Coppertone Girl, is by Anthony Petrie, as is the chainsaw scene below.

The theatrical showing of Sharknado this Friday may be an attempt to inspire a cult following, like The Rocky Horror Picture Show or The Room, but that kind of phenomenon really can't be engineered. At any rate, it could be a great way to put yourself in the proper mood for Shark Week!