Can You Spot Every Architectural Reference in This 3D Puzzle?

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Architecture has seen a lot of different styles in the past 3000 years, from the grand temples of ancient Egypt to the small, cubical dwellings of Japan. Fumio Matsumo, a project professor at the University of Tokyo's University Museum, has managed to fit elements from 30 distinct icons of architecture into a single 3D model. As Co.Design reports, Memories of Architecture acts as both a history lesson in design and a challenging puzzle for architecture fanatics.

The boxy, white structure looks like an example of abstract art. Arches, columns, and terraces are carved into the facade without an apparent thread tying them all together. But each feature was chosen for a reason: The hollowed-out space on the building’s second level is modeled after the dome of the Pantheon in Italy; one corner is reminiscent of the Notre-Dame cathedral of Reims in France; another element borrows from the famous Bauhaus art school in Germany.

The architectural references are arranged chronologically, starting with 18th century BCE at the base and working its way up to modern day. If you still can’t identify all 30 pieces with that clue, you can find the full list of featured buildings here [PDF].

[h/t Co.Design]