9 Treats for Your Breaking Bad Party

Semi Sweet
Semi Sweet / Semi Sweet

1. Blue Ice Cocktails

There are probably dozens of cocktail recipes based on the show by now, but Flavorwire’s Blue Ice and the Avalon of Beverly Hills’ Blue Crystal both seem like appropriate and delicious choices. Blue Ice is made with vodka, blue Curacao and lime juice, while Blue Crystal is a little more complex, featuring clear corn whiskey, Malibu, pineapple juice and blue Curacao.

Alternatively, if you just want a quick way to get hammered in true Jesse Pinkman style, try combining blue Curacao and vodka and serving shots of the mixture in test tubes.

2. Margarita

For those who prefer more classic cocktails with a simple Breaking Bad twist, A Pinch Here, A Dash There’s Blue Crystal margarita sounds like a great option. It’s essentially a classic margarita with blue Curacao in place of sweet and sour and crushed blue rock candy on the rim in place of salt.

3. Beer

Obviously you don’t have time to run out and brew your own Breaking Bad beer before the premiere—but don’t worry, Albuquerque’s Marble Brewery already has you covered with their Heisenberg Dark. Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to make it to the brewery in person to get a hold of this one.

4. Blue Raspberry Pineapple Slush

While you probably shouldn’t have any kids at a Breaking Bad party, you might have a few people under 21 or designated drivers. For those refraining from the drink, Bakin’ Bit’s blue raspberry pineapple slush is a great blue beverage option.

Of course, if you’re looking for an easier non-alcoholic beverage option, try some blue Gatorade, but make sure no one gets a bottle without first repeating Jesse’s line of “Yo, Gatorade me b*tch.

5. Los Pollos Hermanos

The commercials for Los Pollos Hermanos indicate that the chicken has a little bit of a kick, so you can always grab some spicy chicken from your local Popeye’s. But if you prefer the DIY approach, try the tasty recipe from The Hungry Bunnie. This tasty treat features a breading with sourdough bread crumbs, garlic powder, salt and chili powder (Jesse’s secret ingredient). Serve with a little dyed rock salt for that authentic Gus Fring feel.

If you really want to go all out, print out some labels for your Los Pollos Hermanos food. This cup design by LPF user great1 is a good place to start.

6. Rock Candy

Let’s face it—when it comes to Breaking Bad, there’s no more iconic food than blue rock candy. In fact, Alberqurque’s The Candy Lady creates the crystal blue sugar rocks you actually see on the show, and in real life, and Aaron Paul is a big fan of pushing the sweet "drugs" on people who stop by the studio. You can even buy some of the official Breaking Bad candy on The Candy Lady’s site.

While it’s too late to order official Breaking Bad crystals before the premiere, there are plenty of recipes to make your own online. If you want a fairly traditional rock candy, Sugar Hero has a pretty straight forward recipe, but I recommend The Glut Life’s recipe. Not only are the pictures and instructions perfectly in line with the show, but the rock candy itself sounds fantastic as it includes blue Curacao for flavoring and a pink of the Jesse Pinkman secret ingredient—chili powder.

7. Donuts

If you happen to live in Albuquerque, you can always swing by Rebel Donut and grab a few Blue Sky donuts. Not only were these beauties inspired by the show, but they are also a favorite of those working on the program, including Aaron Paul (pictured above).

Of course, if you don’t live near Rebel Donut, you can always buy some donuts at your local chain and adorn them with your rock candy as a suitable substitute.

8. Cookies

It takes a lot of skill to reproduce the amazing details the Breaking Bad cookies by Semi Sweet, but if you fancy yourself a great cookie or cake decorator, you can always try. If worse comes to worst, you can always just claim your failed attempt at decoration shows how you think Walter White will end up at the end of the series (once he’s been hit with a bomb).

9. Cake

For those with more skills in old-school cake decorating methods, this cake that resembles the teddy bear from the plane crash in season three. Again, you might not do as great of a decorating job as Redditor hollyicing, but the bear was refuse from a plane crash, so no one should expect it to be perfect.

If you still don’t think you have enough snacks, feel free to run down to your local 7-11 and grab some Funyuns, because “Funyuns are awesome.” If you aren’t big on Los Pollos Hermanos, you can always try making some of Gus’ paella or Tuco’s Burritos. Or you can have a breakfast buffet in honor of Walt Jr. With so many great options, there’s no excuse to have a half-assed menu at your Breaking Bad party.