11 Fast Food Oddities Nobody Had Asked For

Taco Bell
Taco Bell / Taco Bell

Good news, everyone. Taco Bell’s waffle taco has been so successful in SoCal test markets that they’ve decided to expand the test. Get excited, Omaha, Fresno, and Chattanooga. Sausage, scrambled eggs, and syrup all snuggled up in a warm, breakfasty waffle, is headed your way.

Sound strange? Or delicious? No matter what your opinion is on the waffle taco, one thing's for sure: It’s not the weirdest fast food to ever cross a counter. Here are 11 other oddities that chains once tried out.

1. Pizza Hut's Kit Kat Pops


This dessert item (or, let's be honest, appetizer) is like a sweet version of pigs in a blanket. For customers who just don’t care about calories, Pizza Hut Middle East offers little pillows of sugared pizza dough with Kit Kats tucked inside.

2. KFC's Cheese Top Burger

This is not a clever marketing name—the KFC Cheese Top Burger literally places a slice of cheese on top of the bun. Though it was released only in the Philippines last year, it caught the attention of writers at Jimmy Kimmel Live, who were able to pinpoint the problem with this creation—you can see that above.

3. McDonald's Hula Burger

This may have been one of the original failed fast food offerings, but the logic behind it was pretty solid: McDonald’s needed something that would appeal to Catholics abstaining from meat on Fridays. While a fish sandwich may be the obvious choice now, back in 1963, Ray Kroc thought, “Hey, I know—pineapple.” The fast food giant slapped a slice of grilled pineapple in a bun and topped it with cheese, then scratched their heads when it wasn’t a best seller. After an abysmal test run, the fruity fare was scratched off the menu.

4. Jack in the Box's Bacon Milkshake


Here’s another idea that takes two separate and delicious foods and combines them into something that’s neither separate nor delicious. It uses bacon flavoring, not actual bacon, but I’m not sure if that’s a consolation or not. The reviews are in, and they’re... mixed. Some people think the smoky bacon flavor mixed with vanilla ice cream is actually pretty good, while others deem it “aggressively” bad.

5. Burger King's Shake ‘Em Up Fries

In 2002, customers who just weren’t content with plain old salty fries could get a “Cheezy Flavor Blast” packet to sprinkle on their Burger King fries. The fries came in a paper bag, so after sprinkling, you’d simply close the bag and shake like hell. Voila! Cheez Fries.

6. White Castle's Chicken Rings


You love onion rings? You love chicken nuggets? You’ll adore chicken rings. Or not. One writer described them thusly:
“The juiciness is more like a semblance of juiciness, in that it feels like moist meat, but there is actually no visible juice in the strangely crisscrossed fibers of the 'chicken.' And at the end, there’s a very weird, chemical kind of bitterness, a taste that throws the reality of what I’m chewing to the fore: This is a lab-created facsimile of food.”

But don’t take his word for it. It would appear that the chicken rings are still available, so get thee to a White Castle immediately if “lab-created facsimile of food” is appealing to you.

7. McDonald's Kolacky

While a Bohemian pastry may be a good addition to Dunkin’ Donuts or even Panera Bread, it doesn’t exactly scream “McDonald’s.” Ray Kroc found this out the hard way when he launched the product in honor of his mother, who apparently made damn good kolacky (also spelled kolache, by the way). Maybe it would have lasted longer in stores if he had used her recipe.

8. Pizza Hut's Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza

CBS News

You know how sometimes you can’t decide if you’d rather have a hot dog or a couple of slices of pizza? Pizza Hut knows that feeling, too. Enter the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza, an unholy hybrid of the two. Unfortunately/fortunately, this is another delicacy not available in the States—the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust has only been released in the U.K. and Canada.

9. Burger King's Meatloaf Sandwich

Making your own meatloaf sandwich out of leftovers at home: Yum. And yet, going to Burger King and ordering a sub-sized meatloaf sandwich just seems like all kinds of wrong, though Bob Uecker disagrees (and so does Dan Cortese).

10. Burger King's Pumpkin Burger

While we’re on Burger King missteps, let’s look at a burger topped with slices of kabocha, commonly known as a Japanese Pumpkin. It’s also smothered in a creamy nut sauce that includes sesame seeds, peanuts, cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts. You won’t find this one at a drive-thru near you unless you live in Japan, though.

11. McDonald's McSpaghetti


Most people go to McDonald’s for burgers, chicken nuggets, maybe a milkshake or even the rogue salad. But Italian? Not so much. That didn’t stop Golden Arches execs from putting McSpaghetti on the menu several years back, though. Because what’s more appealing than eating spaghetti with watery sauce out of a flat, styrofoam container? Though McSpaghetti didn’t do so hot in the U.S., it’s still available in some international markets, where it developed a cult following.