The 35 Best Costumes at the D23 Expo

Paul Conradt
Paul Conradt / Paul Conradt

Last weekend was the D23 Expo, Disney's fan convention—basically the Disney Comic-Con—and people certainly dressed to impress. Though there was a costume contest as motivation on Friday, fans dressed up all three days. Here are some of the best, courtesy of Disney unless otherwise noted.

1. From a galaxy far, far away

Natalie Portman who? This Queen Amidala took the Best in Show prize in the Heroes and Villains a la Mode contest.

2. She's Brave

This woman dressed as Merida won Best Re-Creation.

3. Enchanting

One of the judges who awarded this couple—cosplaying as Prince Edward and Giselle from Enchanted—with the Best Craftsmanship crown was a costume designer from the movie.

4. Costumer's Delight

Antagonista, winner of Best Original Design.

5. Blast off!

The Rocketeer, and the much-deserved winner of the Best Young Fan award.

6. Making a Rum for It

Jack Sparrow, of course.

7. Going Mad

Here's one attendee's take on the Mad Hatter—especially fitting, since Ed Wynn, voice of the classic character, was honored as a Disney Legend at the event.

8. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Photo by Stacy Conradt

A particularly inspired look for Bert from Mary Poppins, taken from the "Let's Go Fly a Kite" scene.

9. Vintage Avengers

Photo by Stacy Conradt
Retro Captain America and Thor costumes.

10. Avengers Assemble!

The whole set! Cap, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Thor.

11. A Plane Suit

Photo by Stacy Conradt
Paperman! Loved this reference. Alas, I did not see the object of all of his plane-throwing.

12. Crossover Appeal

Rapunzel and Thor. An unlikely pair, but a charming one, don't you think?

13. Hooking Them

Photo by Paul Conradt

Peter Pan and Rufio from Hook. I was tempted to yell "Bangarang, Rufio!" but managed to contain myself. Rufio is definitely in my top three most amazing costumes.

14. Animated Ladies

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas with Ariel wearing her dress from the scene where she washes up on the shore. I appreciated the different take on Ariel—most of the time you see the seashell bra.

15. No Nightmare Here

This Jack Skellington costume was truly impressive, and amongst all of the crowds, you really lost sight of the person behind him doing the puppeteering.

16. Main Attraction

Also in my top three. Do you suppose it was the daughter's idea or the mother's? Brilliant (and adorable) either way, even if you're not a Star Tours fan (I'm not. Makes me sick).

17. Adorable Monsters

A modern Sulley and Mike Wazowski.

18. Bro Bonding

Gaston and Hercules, a pair that surely lifts weights together.

19. Playing Around

Wreck-It Ralph's Vanellope Von Schweetz and her nemesis, Taffyta Muttonfudge. The next pic is a spoiler alert if you haven't seen Ralph, so beware...

20. Real Royalty

Princess Vanellope!

21. Brace Face

The dreaded Darla from Finding Nemo.

22. Picture Perfect

A somewhat obscure reference, but one of my favorites—the tightrope walking girl from the Haunted Mansion stretching portraits.

23. And All that Jazz

Tiana and Naveen from The Princess and the Frog, followed by Mama Odie.

24. Groove Thing

Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove.

25. Me Tarzan, You...


26. Bear with Me

Queen Elinor from Brave.

27. Princess Power

Ariel and Jasmine.

28. Tweet Tweet

Kevin, the bird from Up.

29. Off the Wall

The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs—AND her mirror.

30. Very Thory

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, whose staff lit up at will.

31. Trick or Treat

Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog.

32. Triple Threat

The most adorable Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather you've ever seen.

33. Ghostly

The elusive Hatbox Ghost from the early days of the Haunted Mansion. From the audio-animatronic we saw at the Imagineering booth, it looks like he may be making an appearance in the Mansion again soon. We can hope, anyway.

34. Toil and Trouble

The lovely ladies of Hocus Pocus.

35. Perfect Pair

Photo by JeniLynn Knopp

Life in plastic is fantastic (groan... I know) for Barbie and Ken from Toy Story 3.