Here’s How You Can Find Out How Much Your Job Should Really Be Paying

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by Reader's Digest Editors

People rate their satisfaction at their jobs by a number of factors, like day-to-day responsibilities, location, benefits, and, of course, salary. But how can you know whether you’re being paid fairly without extensive research? That sensitive information isn’t just something you can Google, right?

Actually, now it is. The recently launched Google for Jobs service can provide you with crucial financial insight before you walk into your next performance review. Searching “Google for Jobs” in the search engine will bring you to the feature. Then, simply type in a job title and a city or region, and the service will pull salaries ranges from sites like PayScale, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor to provide you with a solid estimate of what your salary should be.

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Google’s blog post on the new feature pointed out that 85 percent of online job postings lack salary information. Especially in states where it’s legal to be asked about your previous or current salary, this can be especially problematic for the interviewee. However, if an interviewee knows what similar jobs in the area pay, he or she can have the upper hand in a salary negotiation before taking a new job.

For those in the market for a new job, Google for Jobs doubles as a standard job site, but with the added benefit of being run by the most powerful search engine on earth. It can also pull transit information so you can take into account your possible commute time to a prospective new job.

Once Google gives you the information you need, you can decide whether you’re satisfied with your salary, want to ask for a raise, or should consider a new job.