How to Dominate at Arm Wrestling

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You’ve been challenged to an arm wrestling duel, and the guy has pythons that would make Popeye squirm. But don’t sweat it—as long as you’ve got these tricks up your sleeveless shirt, you’ll still walk away victorious.

1) Get Off On the Right Foot

If you’re a righty, stand with your right foot forward, hugging your right hip against the table. That way, your arm won’t do all the work, and your body strength may give you the extra boost you need.

2) Take the Upper Hand

Leverage is your friend. Get as high a grip as possible on your opponent’s hand. Raise your wrist so that their wrist is lower than yours, which will give you a huge edge.

3) Master the Hook

When the ref yells “Go!” curl your wrist toward your body. This move, known as “the hook,” weakens your opponent by flattening their wrist. Once you’re locked in, pretend you’re trying to reach into your shirt pocket. Pushing for the near corner saps your challenger’s strength while relieving any pressure on your upper arm.

4) Go on a Roll

If you’re scrawny, the hook may not work. Luckily there’s a backup—the “top roll.” Inch your elbow forward and curl your thumb beneath your fingers. Keep your upper arm as close to your upper body as possible. Bend your knees, tuck your hips under the table, and turn your wrist so that your knuckles face your opponent. This applies immense pressure to their pinky finger.

5) Disarm Yourself

If you’re desperate and left handed, pretend to be a righty. Convince your opponent that you both should wrestle with non-dominant hands. (Say that it’s a true test of strength!) Now flex your secret southpaw into the win column.
* * *
It’s important to be a good winner, so once you’ve vanquished your opponent, reward yourself and let him know there are no hard feelings by buying the first round of Dos Equis.