10 "How It's Made" Videos

YouTube / rvd4always
YouTube / rvd4always / YouTube / rvd4always

The Discovery/Science Channel show How It's Made is endless fun. It does exactly what it says: shows you how stuff is made. It's often as simple as visiting a factory and explaining the zillion-step process involved in manufacturing a particular object. There's something oddly satisfying about seeing all the thought and effort (even when it's automated) that goes into an everyday object. Tonight, some of my favorite clips from the show.


"When it comes to highlighter pens, drab colors are a writeoff!" Yuk yuk yuk. The surprise for me in this one was the inclusion of glitter.


I never knew that much rotini could be made so fast. See also: the spaghetti harvest.


I am so glad I don't work around gigantic mirrors.


Now I want a hammock nap.

Contact Lenses

From the first How It's Made episode ever! I also enjoy how the clip keeps going after the contact lens bit is over. "Who can resist it? I can't."

Potato Chips

Fifteen minutes from raw potato to processed chip? Not too shabby.

Office Coffee Machines

I'm still skeptical about these things. I see them in offices or in the hallway at convention centers...and they just make me want to leave and get human-made coffee.


A goopy classic with plenty of "churning" jokes.


Behold, the Wig Master!

Guitar Strings

I always wondered how wound strings were made. Neat!