What the World Would Look Like If It Never Stopped Raining

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There are places on Earth where it rains practically all the time (Maunawili Ranch on Oahu in Hawaii holds the current record for the longest stretch of measurable rainfall at 331 days), but what would the planet look like if it rained everywhere without relief? That’s what Life Noggin explores in their new video.

First, the plant life that depends on sunlight and limited amounts of water to survive would be in deep trouble. Continuous rain and cloud cover would kill much of the greenery we depend on for breathable oxygen, and most of our crops would also perish.

Finding clean drinking water would also become a challenge. Extreme flooding leads to dangerous pollutants washing into our lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, which would boost the spread of disease. Then there are the natural disasters to worry about: Even if you could find a piece of exposed land on which to make camp, landslides spurred by erosion and even earthquakes caused by loose rocks would be more prevalent.

While a global flood of biblical proportions is unlikely, heavy downpours are still a problem. According to a recent study, chances of Hurricane Harvey-levels of rainfall in Texas have increased sixfold since the late 20th century.

For the full story, check out Life Noggin’s video below.

[h/t Life Noggin]