9 Untranslatable Words for Comfort That Go Beyond Hygge

Shutterfly / Shutterfly

English may be a great language for punning, but there are plenty of ways that it’s lacking. For one thing, there’s the weird spelling. And then there’s how few words we have to describe cozy winter concepts like hygge or còsagach. While we may have begun to embrace the former with open arms and cozy blankets, there are plenty of words to describe the joys of home in other languages that English just can’t compete with.

Shutterfly put together a list of some words that have no English equivalent, most of which cover warm feelings you’ll recognize from snow days and nights by the fireplace. Others tackle the idea of home more generally, exploring interpersonal relationships and the warm feelings we have toward each other.

They will make you wonder how Anglophones have gone so long without a concise way to describe the act of watching bad weather from safely inside a toasty house.

All images courtesy Shutterfly.