Where Are They Now?: The Kids from It

BlankManInc / BlankManInc

There are few among us who can say that Pennywise the Clown didn't keep them up at night when Stephen King's It graced the small screen in 1990. But can you imagine being the kids who had to actually act opposite that? Never fear—for the most part, they seem to have grown up to be well-adjusted individuals. Here's what the Lucky Seven (or the Losers Club, if you read the book) are doing these days.

1. Seth Green

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You could say that Green has managed to stay busy since his days as 12-year-old Richie Tozier. He’s the voice of Chris on Family Guy, of course, and is co-creator/writer/director/executive producer/voice actor on Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken. Green has also been in pretty much everything ever, from Mr. Belvedere to How I Met Your Mother. And he seems to be doing his best to battle Richie Tozier’s fear of werewolves: Not only did he play a werewolf in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he also played a character named “Wolfman” when he guest-starred on seaQuest DSV alongside his It co-star Jonathan Brandis in 1993.

2. Brandon Crane


These days, Crane calls himself “a washed-up actor, father and tech nerd.” He has owned several businesses, including Solid Fuel Creative, an L.A.-based marketing and advertising firm.

3. Emily Perkins


Fans of Canadian horror movies will know Perkins as the protagonist of the Ginger Snaps series. Supernatural viewers might recognize Emily from a few episodes from 2009 to 2011, when she appeared as Winchester superfan Becky Rosen. She also starred in a Canadian sitcom called Hiccups and has had small roles in Juno, She’s the Man, and Prozac Nation, among other things.

4. Jonathan Brandis


As any self-respecting Tiger Beat reader from the ‘90s knows, Brandis was quite the teen heartthrob following his appearances in The NeverEnding Story II, Sidekicks, Ladybugs and the TV show seaQuest DSV. When the show was canceled in 1996, Brandis found himself in the middle of a career downswing. After a string of small parts and a couple of made-for-TV movies, Brandis hoped to make a comeback with the 2002 drama Hart’s War. Unfortunately, his scenes were cut, and friends believe it was the tipping point that caused Brandis to commit suicide in 2003.

5. Adam Faraizl

Aveleyman/Austin Chronicle-John Anderson

After a couple of parts in movies like RoboCop 2 and Where the Red Fern Grows, Faraizl left the business. He graduated with a degree in Pacific & Asian Studies from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, and has since become one of fewer than 100 saké experts in the United States, passing the level one and level two Saké Education Council exams in Japan. He's currently the resident beverage director at Kenichi in Austin, Texas.

6. Ben Heller

Rotten Tomatoes/Cinemarx

Maybe the trauma of being slammed against a wall by Tim Curry dressed as a sharp-toothed clown was too much for Heller, because It appears to have been his only acting job ever. There's not much out there about what he's doing these days, though one site speculates that he went into sales, which is more than a little vague.

7. Marlon Taylor


After stints on a few TV shows, Taylor appears to have taken a 15-year hiatus from acting, reappearing on the scene in 2009—at least according to IMDb. But IMDb may be mixing up the resumes of two different Marlon Taylors. In this Hollywood Today interview, the Marlon Taylor who is in the 2009 movie Know Thy Enemy states that it's his first film ever. Anyone know what the actor who played 12-year-old Mike Hanlon has been up to?